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We offer a maintenance service for all of our timber flooring clients, and also for those who have had timber floors installed at their premises. We cater for dirty & gritty floors, light-affected floors causing chemical reactions, floors damaged by furniture or objects, and even just plain greasy floors. Our clients generally request us to polish their floors every 8 - 12 months depending on traffic and how the floor is maintained. It is recommended that floors are polished before the varnish has worn through to the timber. This will eliminate any full sanding & polishing requirements which can take longer and be more expensive to repair. Prestige Flooring use hard-wearing finishes when requested to prolong the polishing of floors to give you value for your money.

You should apply regular maintenance of your timber floor as this will extend the life as well as ensuring its always looking its best. We recommend the following procedures to maintain your timber floor.

1. Floor covering - Covering parts of your floor with mats or rugs where applicable may be an option in a situation such as a rolling chair in a study, where regular friction often occurs. This method while simple will extend the life of your timber floor while often adding a warm touch to the room.

2. Sweeping - Regular sweeping of your timber floor will keep it continually looking brand new and well maintained.

3. Damp Mopping - Place the wet mop in the proper floor cleaning solution and water mix; wring it out until the mop is only damp. A known method for mopping is to move across the area lengthwise (be careful not to allow the mop to come in contact with the wall side of the baseboard). Change solution and Mop on occasion where applicable. Use the proper dilution of the correct detergent. Always measure detergent solutions. The solution should be changed whenever it becomes dirty.

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