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Noise Reduction Noise Reduction

With the ever-increasing demand for hard floor surfaces such as parquetry, strip timber, laminate and floating floors, comes the need to provide efficient impact sound isolation. The most common problem for sound is footfall noise transferring from floor to floor and buildings. In most unit complexes it is essential that sound acoustic underlay are used under timber flooring. It is then important to choose the right impact sound acoustic underlay to suit your floor. There are a few types of acoustic sound barriers which include Impact mat, Regupol, Quiet Step, and Cork Sheeting. These may be used in units, flats, duplexes, hotels, gyms, and schools.

There are various requirements where the installation of noise reduction flooring is required. Thus being rooms requiring sound privacy such as Sound / Video recording studios, Apartments, condominiums, schools, offices, hospitals. Prestige Flooring install and maintain quality noise reducing floors for these purposes. Our work is guaranteed and the quality of our material is A grade quality which ensures your floor is developed in the best possible way. For more information on this particular service, please phone us and discuss your options with our flooring technicians. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about noise reducing flooring and assist you in achieving your goal. flooring prestige
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