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Sanding & Polishing

Sanding & Polishing a timber floor is one of the last processes to be done to a floor. Timber floors can deteriorate over time either from prolonged use and wear & tear. Scuffs and scratches can easily be wiped away with periodical sanding & polishing to restore timber floors to their original glow and vibrancy. Sanding & polishing is an inexpensive solution to having to replace timber floors completely because of damage or scratches.

Sanding is the process used to flatten, smooth, clean, and prepare timber flooring for sealed finishes. There are a few types of finishes which we can use for your timber floor which include polyurethane, tongue oil, modified oil, water based finishes, or spirit based finishes. Most finishes come in three gloss levels: gloss, semi-gloss, and satin finish.

On occasion Prestige flooring are called out to repair a "do it yourself" job which unless you have extensive experience in floor sanding, we don't recommend you do. After you calculate the cost of sand paper, hire of edger and sanders and other required material as well as your time, you will generally find that calling on the help of Prestige flooring was the most practical solution. Floor sanding is a fine finishing procedure which should defiantly not be underestimated. Let us quote you on your next floor sanding and polishing job and were sure you will be impressed with our price and service.
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